Evolving the SK-II loyalty program around conscious consumers

Sustainability x Strategic Design


SK-II retired their previous loyalty program as it was a manual, offline process that was showing diminishing levels of engagement and return – but the impact was felt in reduced customer engagement.

Aiming to attract a new generation to its range of products, they believed that a renewed, digital-first program could solve their retention problem, driving relationships with new and existing customers, while ensuring the future of the business.



Together with Huge, we identified increased behaviours among younger Japanese consumers around making socially conscious purchasing choices, with a desire to support specific causes through the brands they associated with.

This insight put sustainability at the core of the new loyalty program – allowing customers to directly impact the stated mission of SK-II around making zero waste Japan a reality, with in-app actions pushing their points toward sustainable outcomes.


We created country specific solutions for key markets, piloting the program in Japan with a LINE integration, then extending to a WeChat mini program in China, ensuring alignment with customer behaviours in each market.

Customers can donate points to causes, understand the impact, and share in the collective outcomes with other members of the program.


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