Program Manager

Mid / Senior

Role details

Role type: Permanent / Contract

Level: Mid / Senior

Salary range: ¥5-9m

Location: Tokyo, Japan / Remote work

About the role

Program managers are responsible for the management of client programs, supporting our multi-disciplinary teams. In addition to having strong day-to-day organisational skills, you’ll help identify client opportunities, nurture team collaboration, lead agile processes, and ensure we’re delivering quality work for our clients.

The skills we look for in Program Managers include:

We also have a set of shared people skills that we practice across the team. These are drawn from our values and reflect the global, cross-cultural context we work in, including: Problem solving, Team Collaboration, Positive Communication, Learning and Self-Reflection, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Coaching, Client Engagement, and Organisation.

The team

Who we’re looking for

We’re ideally looking for the following experience, but know everybody has a different career path, and encourage you to apply even if you only fit some of these criteria:

Nice to haves

What we provide

Shaping a positive employee experience is part of our culture, and we work to ensure our environment is welcoming and inclusive for everyone.

We purposefully look for people from across different cultural backgrounds, identities, languages, and skills – creating cross-disciplinary teams that are able to approach business problems from multiple perspectives.

As part of this we provide all employees with:

The team

Let’s catch up!

Send your Resume, LinkedIn, and/or Folio to and one of our practice leads will get back to you. We’re happy to have a coffee near our studio in Nakameguro or catch up online.

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